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Chapter 13 Attorney In Stamford

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If you're looking for a Stamford Chapter 13 attorney, you'll find competent and experienced representation at the Law Offices of James T. Maye. Filing this type of bankruptcy can often be a complicated process, and creditors can make it worse by providing misleading advice. You need capable legal representation in order to get through the process efficiently and ensure that your rights are protected. We can make sure that you are treated fairly every step of the way. Call us today for more information.

Having more debt than you can handle is probably one of the most stressful situations that people can go through in their lives. You may be going along fine, feeling financially secure, when suddenly something happens to change your situation, and you find yourself unable to satisfy your financial obligations. Job loss, divorce, unexpected medical expenses, reduced work hours; all of these things can contribute to a situation where you find yourself constantly harassed by creditors who aren't getting paid on time. At the Law Offices of James T. Maye, we understand these types of situations, because we've helped many clients get through them over the years.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a reasonable solution when you find yourself unable to keep up with your debts. It differs from Chapter 7 bankruptcy in that your debts are not erased, but rather reorganized in a way that makes it easier for you to pay them off. This usually involves things such as lowering or eliminating interest and extending the length of a loan to lower payments. We'll negotiate with your creditors for you on your behalf, and we'll make sure that everything is legally documented. When all is done, you can breathe easier knowing that your debts will be paid, and you can get back on the road to good credit.

When you need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, the right place to call is the Law Offices of James T. Maye. You get the kind of personal service that you deserve, and we have financing options available to help you fit our services into your budget.

Start Paying Back Your Debt With the Help of The Law Offices of James T. Maye! Call today at 203-939-1380 to schedule your free consultation. For a free evaluation of your case, click here and fill out the initial intake form. We also do Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Stamford.

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